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DMSCADA - Monitoring System of Wind Power Stations

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  • Own SCADA system
  • Full online access using a Web browser
  • Access from mobile devices (tablet / smartphone)
  • Monitoring Service (SMS notification and control)
  • Maximum level of safety
  • A wide range of monitored data
  • Remote control via SMS and Web
  • Visualization of historical data (wind rose, charts, histograms, trends)
  • Export data
  • Central knowledge base
  • Access 24/365
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DMSCADA - Full support for most of working wind turbines

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  • Support various models of power station of one producer
  • Support for most producers of wind power stations
  • and others
  • Support for wind farms
  • Support for wind farms and wind power stations scattered over a wide area
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DMSCADA - The benefits of using

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  • Power stations surveillance centers for service suppliers
  • Interfaces for power stations
  • Efficiency Analysis of wind power station online (power curves)
  • Advanced data analysis
  • Production Forecasting
  • Accessibility analysis
  • Remote service
  • Minimizing downtime and lost production
  • Monitoring and archiving data parameters
  • Reliable historical information for insurance companies
  • Verification activities and the effectiveness of service companies
  • Reducing the cost of operating and supervision
  • Benefits of new Investment Decisions Making
  • Identifying the cause of failure before commencement of servicing
  • Reducing service visits
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Complete IT solutions for wind power stations

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  • Communication software
  • Implementation of communication protocols
  • Data Acquisition and Transmission
  • SCADA systems for wind power stations
  • BIG DATA databases
  • Data archivization
  • Computer equipment, networking and communications service
  • Safe and reliable solutions for network infrastructure
  • Monitoring telecommunications lines
  • Configure remote access
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Telemetry systems

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  • GPRS Technology
  • Dedicated APN
  • Support all national GSM operators
  • International roaming
  • VPN technology to IT resources
  • Modbus-TCP Protocol Support
  • OPC DA, OPC-XML-DA, OPC-UA service interfaces
  • Maximum use of JAVA
  • Telemetric software dedicated to Cinterion/Gemalto TC65T, BGS5T
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Industrial automation systems

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  • PLC programming
  • Programming HMI control panels
  • SCADA systems
  • GPRS Telemetry
  • Industrial communication systems
  • Systems integration
  • Optimization the control process
  • Processing database systems
  • Internet technologies in process visualization
  • Many years of experience in the water and sewage sector